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Great gift idea or corporate team building exercise!

Take your tastebuds on a luxury fuelled ride to Vietnam for 2 hours with a live demo by creator of misschu, Nahji Chu. You'll learn the trade secrets of mastering the techniques of making rice paper rolls and traditional Vietnamese sauces and explore other ways of using rice papers with other ingredients at home.

Learn the secrets from the Queen herself.  Why does she call herself the Queen of rice paper rolls? Because in 1991, she was the first person to make them canape size, decorative and designed a process in which they could be made on mass and be kept fresh. It's common knowledge these days but Nahji has taught and influenced many chefs worldwide on how to make them the way she does. The class costs $110 per person and covers 2 Vietnamese dipping sauces,  and the techniques required in making the perfect rice paper rolls at home or in a commercial situation.  The class is at held her commercial kithchen in Potts Point. 

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