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Cocochine Catering 

MissChu catering was the primary service of a business Nahji Chu founded in Sydney, 2005. The success of the retail outlets were a result of the great reputation MissChu had secured with bluechip companies and discerning private clients. 

Cocochine is the successor to misschu's catering services. Cocochine delivers all of the hallmark qualities that have made the company so popular. The food is super fresh and the menu focused towards clean but dynamically flavoured gluten free options. The presentation style is immaculate and the staff always professional, efficient and courteous. 

The food style is Vietnamese with a hint of the European influences that were introduced to Nahji Chu through her many years in leading Melbourne Italian restaurants and cafes. 

Cocochine provide catering within an array of hospitality contexts: 

- Launches
- Weddings
- Corporate events
- Boat catering 
- Drop-off situations where no catering staff are required

Our corporate catering can be as simple or as tailored to the specific needs of each event as is required by the client. 

Cocochine are passionate about providing culinary experiences that perfectly match the program for corporate events. If you provide details of the event you are creating cocochine will be able to advise on the most complimentary catering program. 

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